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  1. BookT Axéll. Munslemhinnan vid hälsa och sjukdom
    - klinisk diagnostik och behandling. 2009

    Oral mucosal lesions show an array of diagnoses. The book gives a thorough description of the oral mucosa. Then it gives a systematic view on symptoms, diagnoses and detailed treatments.
    Sold directly from Gothia Förlag AB.

  2. BookT Axéll. A prevalence study of oral mucosal lesions in an adult Swedish population.
    Odontol Revy 1976;27:Suppl 36

    Doctoral thesis from 1976. The prevalence (frequency) of about 60 oral mucosal lesions was registered among 20,333 individuals aged 15 years and over. The survey was carried out in two communities in Mid-Sweden, relatively representative for Sweden at large.

  3. BSIMPS  Mucosal-Plaque score.
    Illustration of criteria

    An index developed for assessing oral health in groups of elderly individuals. Easy to use also for non-dental personel.

    Tested and published:
    Henriksen BM, Ambjørnsen E, Axéll T. Evaluation of a mucosal-plaque index (MPS) designed to assess oral care in groups of elderly. Spec Care Dentist 1999;19:154-7.

    Henriksen BM, Axéll T. Värdering av oral hälsa hos äldre - BSI ett beläggnings- och slemhinne-index. En validitets- och reliabilitetsstudie. Tandhygienist Tidningen 2006;26(4):16-23

    Henriksen BM. Belegg- og slimhinne-indeks (BSI) - et indeks laget for å måle oral hygiene og oral helse hos grupper av individer. En validitets- og reliabilitetsstudie. Tannstikka 2007(02):12-16

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